Clear specifications

2- Be specific: The Importance of Clear Requirements

When thinking about your new product, everything may be truly clear in your head: it needs to be robust, have a long battery life. But what is robust for you?  How many hours does it take to fully recharge the battery? Non-specialists have a hard time translating those key characteristics into measurable units and clear engineering goals that can be shared with various stakeholders.

What can you do:

Clarifying requirements and addressing those in a concise, clearly measurable and uniform manner seems like an additional step that will increase the overall delay in trying to sort them all out.  It is quite the opposite.

By taking the time to establish clear requirements, you will in fact:

  • Accelerate feasibility analysis.
  • Quickly find system-level limitations.
  • Address them at the onset. 

At Motsai, we accompany the product development steps by translating high-level requirements into clear and measurable objectives.  We also do our best to explain why they have to be defined in this manner.  We can then calculate, model, and project product performance based on technology datasheet and empirical measurements.  This translates qualitative product-level requirements into standardized and concise metrics that we can measure and either it meets the specifications or fails to meet those specifications.  It is the same criteria for everyone and we can repeat this validation all the way to manufacturing.

It is almost impossible to ensure consistent validation with the vague requirement that the product should simply be “robust”. Should the prototype be tested for its water resistance or should it be given to a 3-year-old to see if he can break it? The product may not be developed properly due to imprecise requirements.

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