Low Power Design

Many products that Motsai develops are intended for portable, wire-free use. We are well versed in the design of efficient power distribution and battery charging hardware, as well as intelligent power-management software, all of which are critical to maximising device operating life.

The key to the success of the small, wearable, and portable products is optimising the partitioning of the hardware and software functions to provide both low power and high performance.

Motsai recognizes that the correct partitioning of a system’s architecture is essential to achieve optimum performance, power, cost and functionality.

Motsai’s team of design consultants with an extensive track record of helping customers complete their cutting-edge designs. We understand the technical challenges you face with your next generation systems-on-chips (SoCs). As an integral part of Motsai, we have a thorough understanding of the industry’s leading design tools and methodologies.

With expertise in low power tools and techniques, Motsai consultants can help you manage your device’s dynamic and leakage power consumption. We will help you understand the inherent tradeoffs in using power-related technologies such as voltage islands, power and clock gating, multi-voltage design, dynamic voltage scaling, and multiple threshold voltages.

With project requirements in mind, our consultants can then assist you in deploying the latest low power design techniques throughout the entire design flow.

Our team understands the use of energy harvesting devices like small solar cells, vibration and thermoelectric generators to supplement battery capacity and even make products totally autonomous, never needing a battery.

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