Internet Of Things

From the devices you wear, to the cars you drive, to the buildings in which you live, and the places you work, Internet of Things aims to create a seamless, intuitive and connected experience wherever you are.

At Motsai, we have analyzed the challenges involved in IoT which includes: Lack of common standards, Security and Privacy, Integration into existing infrastructure, Lean product development, power consumption for remote devices. Motsai is constantly working to make things connected, smart and best in quality.

IoT Solutions

  • Personal IoT: wearables, smart phones, clothes and glasses
  • Group IoT: connected vehicles, smart house and tourism
  • Community IoT: smart cities, connected parks and roads
  • Industrial IoT: distributed system of sensors, machines and product cycle
  • Healthcare IoT: connected tracking devices and health monitoring systems

IoT Services

  • Feasibility study & PoC (Proof of Concept)
  • Cloud integration and maintenance
  • Design and development of IoT devices
  • Prototype and pilot batch production
  • FOTA services for IoT products
  • Product enhancement and maintenance

Technology Expertise

Motsai’s engineering team constantly researches on emerging technology for developing the most intelligent, intuitive and innovative solutions.

IoT Skills

  • Data acquisition of different sensors.
  • Mesh networking across different sensors.
  • Mesh networking protocols based on IEEE 802.15.4 like 6LowPAN, ZigBee and LoRa
  • Communication over Wi-Fi between sensor node and gateway
  • Secure firmware upgrades over air
  • Cloud based IoT solution including storage, sensor monitoring and controlling
  • Mobile application design and development on both the platform – iOS and Android

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