DSP Design

Motsai is recognized as a premier DSP system design center. Motsai also has algorithm development capabilities anchored by mathematicians and senior digital signal processing engineers. Motsai’s team of DSP consulting experts can deliver components of a DSP project or an entire solution.

Our software developers have a strong mathematical background, some to PhD level. This gives them an excellent grounding in solving the more complex algorithmic types of problem.

We take a critical approach to problem solving at every stage of the development process; this ensures that the right questions are being asked and that the correct problem statement is produced. We then progress to defining and mathematical modeling of the problem to improve our understanding and to explore different solutions.

This is followed by careful system and module design, advanced simulation using the latest modeling software and thorough testing of the solution to optimise performance. Finally, we implement the algorithm in hardware and software so that we can complete the final testing of the design.

Areas of DSP Design Expertise

  • FPGAs (Xilinx and Altera)
  • Freescale i.MX
  • Cypress PSoC 5LP
  • Audio, Video and image processing
  • Sensor fusion
  • Fixed-point filters and power-optimized hardware architectures

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