Device Drivers

Motsai's core engineering team develops low-level driver software for various integrated circuits. The work can include drivers, DLLs, API interfaces, and basic GUI or command-line interfaces to facilitate the integration with embedded systems and sensors.

DSP Design

Motsai is recognized as a premier DSP system design center. Motsai also has algorithm development capabilities anchored by mathematicians and senior digital signal processing engineers. Motsai's team of DSP consulting experts can deliver components of a DSP project or an entire hardware solution.

Embedded Software

Motsai develops software for embedded systems to realize power-optimized functionnality. Motsai supports embedded software-based operating systems including Linux, Android, iOS, FreeRTOS, and bare metal systems.

Internet Of Things

At Motsai, we have analyzed the challenges involved in IoT which includes: Lack of common standards, Security and Privacy, Integration into existing infrastructure, Lean product development, power consumption for remote devices. Motsai is constantly working to make things connected, smart and best in quality.

Low Power Design

Many products that Motsai develops are intended for portable, wire-free use. We are well versed in the design of efficient power distribution and battery charging hardware, as well as intelligent power-management software, all of which are critical to maximising device operating life.

PCB Design

Motsai architects and develops digital and mixed-signal printed circuit boards (PCBs). We have a track record for first-time-right PCBs, high-density, analog, and RF and wireless designs.

PCB Layout

Motsai can provide PCB layout design services as part of a complete product design. Our professionals ensure seamless migration from schematic capture to physical designs.

Wearable Electronics

We can help you with your product vision to pursue and design a product in this fast paced wearable industry. Motsai understands the functional, technological and business needs which arise during design and development of any wearable devices, needs such as – fixed form factor, extended battery life, rugged & ergonomic design and time to market.

Wireless Design

Motsai has extensive expertise with wireless engineering and developing RF systems over the full spectrum. RF wireless system applications have included consumer portables, vehicle telemetry, robotics, wireless base stations, and scientific test equipment.