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Research and Development is a critical function for organizations large and small to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of technological possibilities. Motsai has a team of engineers with advanced degrees that can augment an R&D organization to help distill the crucial algorithms and designs that are incorporated in leading products of the future.

Our software developers have a strong mathematical background, some to PhD level. This gives them an excellent grounding in solving the more complex algorithmic types of problems.

We take a critical approach to problem solving at every stage of the development process; this ensures that the right questions are being asked and that the correct problem statement is produced. We then progress to defining and modelling the problem to improve our understanding and to explore different solutions.

This is followed by careful system and module design, advanced simulation using the latest modelling software and thorough testing of the solution to optimize its performance. Finally, we implement the algorithm in hardware and software so that we can complete the final testing of the design.

Motsai acts as your virtual R&D team, complementing your in house developer team and technology specialists with our excellence in design, a strong focus on product development and our experience of bringing dozens of successful products to market. We provide the following services as part of R&D:

  • Investigate new technologies and provide new ways of solving problems
  • Design and test a risky or unknown portion of your project , gather data and quantify the solutions
  • Test multiple concepts in the lab, confirm simulation models with on-the-bench results.
  • Explore cost-time tradeoffs
  • Derive functional and operational specifications

We can manage either individual development stages or the whole product life cycle; from initial concept to volume manufacture and product end of life. Starting off by understanding the business issues and technical problems that need to be solved, we develop the concept, identify solutions to the technical issues and unlock the full business potential of your product.

With experience across a wide range of hardware and software architectures and a history of successful projects, our emphasis is on innovative design, efficient product development and an exceptional user experience.

We also have a network of award winning industrial design and product styling partners with whom we’ve worked closely on many projects over the years – please see our list of partners. They bring their specialist knowledge in product styling, detailed plastics and tooling design, mechanical design and rapid prototyping to your project.

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