We provide electronic design consultancy services to a large range of companies; SMEs and global entities alike. During early meetings we will work through a checklist of commercial and technical factors to build a thorough understanding of our clients’ aspirations, priorities and goals.

We will offer constructive criticism and guidance where we believe that expectations are unrealistic but equally, we will proffer creative technical input where we feel that unfulfilled opportunities can be realised without major impact on the project scale. This precise approach helps ensure that the end result is technically feasible, offering the greatest opportunity to create value and achieve maximum commercial success.

A Feasibility Study can provide valuable insight for entrepreneurs or start-ups by allowing a new technology idea to be developed and evaluated in outline form before making a commitment to an in-depth development program. Feasibility Studies can yield important pointers that can channel follow-on design efforts into the most productive directions, helping to create new products that have the highest chance of market success.

Motsai believes strongly in the critical importance of developing a comprehensive and effective functional specification for any new product. Developing such a specification should come easily for established companies (though this is not always the case) but the process can be extremely daunting or beset with difficulties for entrepreneurs or new start-ups.

Motsai can assist with product specification development by drawing on its breadth and depth of experience in helping to create stand-out, successful designs in wearable electronic and sensor systems.

Another important aspects of our consulting services is Intellectual Property (IP). We guide our clients to consider protecting any novel intellectual property that can be identified within the planned product. Motsai can offer an introduction to one of several specialist IP law firms who can give professional advice, including help to draft a patent application, should this be considered appropriate. Equally important is a patent search to provide a reassurance that the proposed new product does not infringe any existing patents or registered designs.

Our initiatives can help the client to obtain a thorough and unambiguous product specification. This will allow the most critical factors in a design to be identified and highlighted, thus enabling product development efforts to be geared towards ensuring superlative implementation of key features. This, in turn, will lead to higher potential user satisfaction ratings, boosting a product’s prospects for greater investment potential and commercial  success.

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