We apply our engineering excellence to add high impact value to our client's technology, their products and their business. We have been trusted to develop technologies and products for startups, SMEs and global brands. We develop and continually refine our work flow processes to help ensure that our resources are applied in the most efficient way and that our efforts can deliver the most effective results in the shortest period.

We adopt a partnership approach with each of our clients, developing strong relationships and working closely with them in order to maximize results. We strive for technical excellence, and just as importantly, we ensure our designs are cost-effective and suited to efficient manufacturing and testing. We have described our specialization and expertise below to explain the many areas where we can help your business.


Have an idea for a new product with embedded electronics functionality but are not sure on how to turn it into reality? We can help scope the technical feasibility of the project and define what is required for its successful implementation. Eliminate the risk of a bad electronics design right from the early phases of the project.

Design and Engineering

Whether you already have a in-house design team or not, we are committed to working with you to create an innovative product that integrates well with your current business and production practices. Our team of expert designers cumulates decades of experience in the development of leading-edge embedded systems.

Prototyping and Manufacturing

Manufacturing embedded electronics on a medium-to-large scale offers its share of challenges. We make sure the design gets manufactured to specifications and in a timely manner by closely managing the Contract Manufacturer. We can also take care of the testing, verification and any certification that might be required.

Research and Development

We pride ourselves in providing a grounded assessment of your project risks and can structure a R&D project around your challenges. Our team has extensive experience to approach complex problems and bring creative solutions grounded in math, science and engineering. Our network of domain experts is extensive and always growing.