The Neblina™ core module is a low-power self-contained AHRS, VRU and IMU with wireless connectivity developed by Motsai. The miniature board features a high-performance patent-pending sensor fusion algorithm that makes it suitable to explore motion analytics in industrial. wearable technology devices in applications such as biomechanical analysis, sports performance analytics, remote physical therapy monitoring, quantified self, health and fitness tracking, among others.

Functions and Benefits

The Neblina module facilitates the evaluation of real-life applications that require 3D orientation, 3D position, 3D acceleration and 3D dynamic data. It showcases Motsai’s patent-pending quaternion sensor fusion along with the real-time control architecture to deliver full 9 DOF motion tracking in a miniature and very lightweight package.

The Neblina module was developed to meet the need of small motion capture solutions and system integration. The Neblina module can be used as a standalone system or can be integrated to more complex system via a miniature connector.

The Neblina module can function as a IMU (Inertial Motion Unit), VRU (Vertical Reference Unit), and AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System). Typical applications motion analysis in sports performance, industrial systems and transportation.

A high-level API is provided for application developers, along with a library of popular motion patterns, such as step counts or trajectory tracking.

An evaluation kit can be purchased here: ** Visit Motsai’s Web Store ** .

System Capabilities

  • Precision tracking of both fast and slow motion
  • Tuneable motion parameters
  • Wireless connection to smartphones, tablets, and other devices
  • Low-power activity detector, including precision pedometer
  • High sensor fusion rate
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Li-ion polymer battery charger and management
  • Connectors for added functionality or interface to existing design
  • LED status indication

Basic API Functions

  • Quaternions
  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll
  • Pedometer step count
  • Gesture train and detect
  • Trajectory train and detect
  • Swipe detection
  • Activity detection
  • Heading
  • Linear acceleration
  • Angular velocity
  • Angular rotation
  • Battery status

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The Neblina™ core module is a compact, low-power motion analysis module. It represents the distillation of Motsai’s collective knowledge gained after designing several successful motion sensing products. The most important features are packaged into a versatile motion capture system that enables rapid prototyping of product ideas and can even be used via licensing in final products.


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