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The C2MI is  is a world-class Innovation Center situated in the Northeastern microelectronic corridor where major investments have been made in recent years.

The C2MI boasts more than 200M$ of clean room and technological equipment to support complex microelectronic design projects.

As a member of the C2MI, Motsai can rely on expertise and equipment to solve the toughest challenges related to electronic product design.   From finding the root cause of a component or electronic failure, to selecting a process that will make your product as small as technology will allow, we can leverage this partnership to bring solutions to our clients’s problems that would otherwise be unattainable.

Below are a few examples of interesting images accumulated during phases or R&D or production support

X-ray Tomography


Chip mounted inductor (approx 2.5mm in diameter).  Lateral slice showing the cross-section of the copper windings.


Showing the underside of a surface mounted component.  Gray areas are solder joints.  The small dots inside the solder joints indicate small voids (bubbles).

Reconstructed 3D from tomography images


The internals of an IC package showing the bonding wires from the external pins to the semiconductor.

Printed circuit Board Cross-Section


Board cross-section.  Copper-colored areas are PCB traces (seen from the side).  The dark gray areas are inter-metallic layers in the solder joint.  The light gray area is solder (SAC305).  Right below the solder, one can see a small black line indicating a failure of the bond (mechanically induced).

The analysis capabilities of the C2MI allow rapid pinpointing of faulty areas and allow our team to debug circuits that would be impossible to do otherwise.  Encapsulated circuits with mechanical failures, mechanical overstress in MEMS, post-encapsulation problems.  Those are tough challenges to understand the root cause of the failure.  A good diagnostic allow significant yield improvement and lower final product cost.


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