News: Motsai and Mohawk College IIoT collaboration

A new applied research collaboration between a research team from Mohawk College, located in Hamilton, ON, and Motsai will work on an electronic module the size of a postage stamp that has more powerful capabilities and features than those present on larger platforms.

Motsai’s team will work jointly with Dr. Esteve Hassan, of the IIoT Research Chair at Mohawk College, and his team to develop a new micro-sensor system (MOUVION) that will be an integral part of the IIoT platform of the company.

Motsai mainly provide smart sensor product development services and technical consultancy in smart and connected product development. One familiar with the company and the field already knows that the same challenge comes up over and over, whether the work field is industrial surveillance, health, agriculture or mining: the need of a modular and configurable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensor that could fit into small spaces without requiring major changes in hardware design.

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