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The disappearance of distance

Several experts believe that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the evolution and acceptability of remote works and meetings by 5 years or even 10 years. They also point out that it is the duration of the pandemic that makes this evolution immutable.

If the lockdown had lasted only a few weeks in the spring of 2020, it is a safe bet that the  skyscrapers of the city center would still be packed. Thus, the vast majority of industrialized countries adhere to the veracity and relevance of the virtual and, by the same token, confirm the disappearance of the geographical distance.

A new reality of geographical distance: for better or for worse.

Prior to spring 2020, we had a somewhat different relationship with geographic distances. If we were looking for a supplier, the whole world was our research ground with very cheap transport and often “overnight”. On the other hand, if we were looking for a service provider, such as a product development coach or just a language teacher, Our research was done within a few kilometers, easily accessible because face-to-face meetings were considered essential.

The pandemic months have come to redefine our perceptions of these distances.

Although globalization is still relevant, the rising cost of transportation, the virtual disappearance of the “overnight”, the consequences of a boat stuck in a canal, etc. make us wonder about the risks associated with the somewhat excessive distance from our suppliers. For some, it was an opportunity to discover (or rediscover) local partners. Some have taken advantage of the disruption to invest and regain market share. For others, an adjustment in the supply chain was inevitable.

Several companies have also seen their pool of potential customers grow. Indeed, for service providers (among others), it was in a way the disappearance of geographical distances since the possibilities of virtual discussions and meetings are virtually unlimited. The results are clear: export of expertise and knowledge, more contracts, increased turnover and growth of companies capable of adapting quickly.

Will all meetings be virtual in the future?

Although no one can predict the future, at Motsai we believe that some forms of encounters cannot, for the moment at least, be effectively adapted to the virtual.

Think of large trade shows, commonly known as “tradeshow”, where informal conversations at welcome cocktails are as important (if not more) than the visibility brought by a booth. According to all those who have attended online trade shows since the spring of 2020, it seems that the virtual is not able, for the moment, to reproduce the richness of these meetings and conversations.

Our team is excited to take over some of the fairs in person.  It’s really nice to see our collaborateurs again in 3D and in high resolution! 

Looking forward to meeting you, in real life if possible.

If the new reality and challenges of globalization affect your design and development of connected products, please contact Motsai ( Our entire team is here to support you and facilitate this process. Contact us at

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