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Consumer electronics products have time-to-market pressures and design requirements beyond emerging market capabilities. We understand the tradeoffs needed to build innovative consumer products. Over the years, we have been exposed to all the steps required to reach successful mass-production.

Designing, prototyping and building a consumer product is no small feat.  It involves very tight integration between the market information and functional specifications from which derive the features that will distinguish the product in the marketplace.  We know that our customers are the ones with the key market insight to specify their products.  We help them evaluate rapidly the trade-offs in cost, size, complexity aiming at maximizing the value in the market.

We work tightly with select industrial design firms to ensure that the product meets all the requirements both from an aesthetics perspective, but also deliver its functionality.  Integrating antennas, batteries and micro-electronic circuits requires careful planning and solid electronic design tools workflow to make this process efficient at all stages.


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