Our passionate yet pragmatic approach has helped several companies create profitable products that users love. Turnkey new product design, or a flexible extension of your in-house team. We provide value at every step in the process adding intelligence and connectivity to your product.

We have delivered electronic product designs, including hardware and software device solutions across industries ranging from consumer electronics through industrial automation and data acquisition. Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best-practices in project management, and strong relationships with technology partners. We understand the unique electronic design challenges in each of the following sectors:

Consumer Products

Motsai helps customer derive maximum value in the design of consumer electronic products by integrating best practices in an efficient and creative workflow.

Industrial Systems

Industrial systems can derive immediate value from the use of novel sensors and the latest communication protocols to instrument and connect their products.

Internet of Things

For sensor-driven Internet of Things networks, Motsai offers a comprehensive suite of engineering services ranging from IoT architecture design to product development and manufacturing.

Research and Education

Motsai understands the implication of education and applied research to foster innovation and the creation of new work methods and products. We participate actively in advancing the education and contribute to many education-related projects.

Wearable Electronics

We can help you with your product vision to pursue and design a product in this fast paced wearable industry. Motsai understands the functional, technological and business needs which arise during design and development of any wearable devices, needs such as – fixed form factor, extended battery life, rugged & ergonomic design and time to market.