Transforming Your Great Ideas To a Commercial Product

Here’s how to turn your ideas into technologies that will disrupt your industry.

You wish to increase your company’s growth rate, you would like to see your business  expand the way a startup from Silicon Valley does, or you simply want to get in front of  your competitors. In other words: you want to create the next big thing that will disrupt  your industry. Here is how you can do it. 

Managers at companies big and small dream of being the next Elon Musk. Being able to  see before anyone else where the market will be in ten years is definitely a good way to  ensure a company’s success and to leave a mark on the industry. 

Creating a disruptive new technology does not happen by simply yelling “Tesla”. There is  a popular saying in the technological world about how an idea in itself has no real value,  in the end, if it is not appropriately implemented. Even Steve Job, when he introduced a shiny new iPhone, did not invent the smart phone… but Apple’s CEO knew how to turn a  concept into a very attractive product that customers would rush to go and buy. 

Choosing the right technology…

Imagining a new product that will change the way we conduct business, nowadays,  generally means integrating hardware or software components into an existing product that will make it accessible for a larger audience. It can be achieved by automating a process, by optimizing or simplifying its operation, or by making it easier to interact  with other products or services. 

In short, you might have to become a technology specialist, for the time it will take you to find the parts needed to turn your ingenious idea into a physical reality. These parts can take multiple forms, which can be categorized into two sets: hardware and  software. 

This means you will very rapidly have to get acquainted with protocols, standards,  limitations, legislations, rules, patents, licenses and other things that have very little to do with your core business. 

Of course, consulting firms and agents will offer to help at every step during the  development of your revolutionary new product, from its mere concept to its mass  production. But things might not be any simpler. A designer can create a beautiful  product that will be too costly to put into production. Some industry standards might be  left out or omitted by a supplier located on a different continent.

…or the right technological partner?

That is where Motsai fits in. Our aim is to help you find the perfect technology to turn your next creation into a revolutionary product, without having to turn you or your organization into a technology specialist.
Five steps are needed to turn an idea into a viable product: concept, design, validation, stabilization and production. Motsai accompanies you during every single step, to make sure your idea takes shape in the best possible way. We can identify the appropriate tools and parts that will ensure it gets built at a reasonable cost, so that you get the product you wished for at the beginning, without losing any of its value.

Because, ideas, everybody has some. In today’s digital world, the real value lies in turning those ideas into a scalable success, by leveraging an expertise which often lies beyond a company’s core competency. Motsai has developed that expertise, so we can help you benefit from the full value behind your ideas.

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