The creation of smart objects often require specific encapsulation formulas to meet stringent product requirements. The experts at POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES assist us in solving challenging electro-mechanical integration challenges through their mastery of polymers.


Motsai is thoroughly familiar with Fanstel modules and thus can rapidly deliver cost-effective, mass-production ready solutions that leverage best-in-class technology .

Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress® PSoC® (programmable system-on-chip) solutions leverage the high-level integration of analog and digital components to reduce component counts and enhance the protection of intellectual property within a design.

TAK Design

Motsai has been working for many years with industrial design firms that are involved early on in the concept and design phases to ensure the creation of a unique, branded and integrated product combining the best of what the industrial design and electronic can offer.


Motsai can extend its expertise and technological equipment with its partnership with the C2MI, a leading North American microelectronics design center.