Motsai provides electronic product development and specialist technical consultancy services. Founded in 2010 by two highly-experienced electronics professionals, Motsai works closely with clients throughout North America and globally to plan, create and deliver outstanding high-performance, cost-effective,  robust, and leading-edge technology products.

At Motsai, we are experts in designing low-power electronics that connect wirelessly through Bluetooth® or WiFi. We partner with clients through all aspects of product development, from prototype design to volume production.

We accelerate product development for our clients and reduce risks and costs associated with the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge electronic products.

Our Philosophy

We provide an holistic approach to electronic product development; design and manufacturing support services cover the full product lifecycle from proof-of-concept prototypes to volume production, including professional guidance to achieve global regulatory compliance and certification.

You know your business more than anyone else. But true value is created when great ideas are put into the hands of best-in-class expertise. We are experts in assessing requirements and risks, producing custom-designed embedded electronics and managing the production process. Let us help you turn your great ideas into differentiated products and features.

Our well-proven approach lets you focus on what you do best without requiring any increment to your current employee headcount. Whether you already have an R&D team in place or not, we would love to hear about your new innovative product development plans so we can start assessing how we can help you bring them to life.

Our Method


Our cost-effective up-front research provides a clearer picture of your competition, pricing options, patent roadblocks and openings, customer demand, licensing, marketing and sales opportunities, and more. Armed with these insights, we can work with you to set your overall innovation strategy, confidently refine product feature priorities, set cost targets, identify the most promising creative and technical directions, and establish a solid project plan.


Our Lean Product Design process is a proven, efficient method for harnessing our creative and technical capabilities to give your ideas life. Whether in the same room or collaborating from a distance with our state-of-the-art conferencing and communications tools, we work closely with you and your team to brainstorm, develop concepts, and iteratively discover the best product design solutions.


Your new product must exceed user expectations about performance, quality, and cost. It may also need to meet stringent regulatory requirements. Our expert engineering team has the analysis tools and technical expertise to help you reduce risk and quickly solve the toughest problems. Tricky assembly and fit; sophisticated materials selection; novel manufacturing processes; complex stress, thermal, vibration, or dynamics concerns – whatever your technical hurdles are, we can help.


To design a great product, you have to know the process. 70% of a product's cost is typically locked-in during the early design stage, so we start to apply our extensive knowledge of manufacturing right at the beginning of your project. We then consult with component suppliers and product assembly contract manufacturers or your in-house production team throughout the design and new product introduction process to minimize cost and maximize ease of manufacturing.

Expertise and Experience

Our electronics engineers are world experts in the design and manufacturing of low-power wireless embedded systems for a wide range of applications.

Our team has a long record of successful product development across a range of markets from mobile devices to transportation services, medical devices to motion-sensing chips, virtual reality to tactile technology - our innovative solutions have helped to create exciting products offering a unique business advantage to our customers.

Every project is unique, but there is nothing like looking at the work we've done to get an idea of what we could do for you. Every case-study has its own story to tell - we can work with you and help to write another story of success.

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