Mobile Data Router

Linux and the GNU user-space are the Swiss knife of complex networked elements that will power the next wave in IoT devices. At Motsai, we leverage the flexibility and versatility of the platform to help you build a solid and scalable architecture with this operating system.

The Challenge

In many industries, there is a need for a customized and flexible data routing solution operating in harsh conditions.  Common commercial routers are simply not to the task and a custom solution needs to be developed.

The multiple protocols of today’s communication infrastructures require a significant code base to provide robust routing of data and keep up with the evolution of standards.

  • Integrate security elements like encryption or OpenSSL
  • Support multiple interfaces ranging from cabled Ethernet to Wifi or cellular uplinks
  • Provide network services such as DHCP, web-based front-end for configuration, networked file systems
  • Offer methods to update the code and remotely monitor the router operations.

Companies want to retain complete control over the solution to maintain the value of their investment over time and avoid the risk of obsolescence.

The Approach

At Motsai, the use of the Linux operating system is a natural choice for constructing mobile or rugged data routers. We have many years of experience using this operating system along with the GNU user space programs and libraries to build advanced routers have consistently provided robust solutions.

Here are a few advantages to the platform:

  • Memory-efficient kernel with the most support for peripherals
  • The ability to prototype solutions on PC workstations before deploying on embedded systems
  • Ease of extending the architecture using common hardware buses (PCIe, USB, SATA, CAN, Serial)
  • Availability of System-on-Module for rapid time-to-market

The Results

From routers that are able to meet the stringent requirements of aeronautical services to systems running on vehicles in our cold winters, Linux has always delivered stability and reliability at Motsai.

The rapid rate of integration and the flexibility provided by this operating system coupled with user-space scripting tools like Python allow rapid prototyping of new ideas with a proven path to mass production.

Linux and the GNU user-space are the Swiss knife of complex networked elements that will power the next wave in IoT devices and that will make your architecture solid and scalable for years to come.

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"The team at Motsai has a deep understanding of electronic product design and I recommend their expertise to clients needing to extend their Research and Development team."

Dr. Abhay Ghatpande Director of Industrial Solutions, Savoir Faire Linux

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