Industrial Control System

The creation of a highly customized award-winning industrial machine with an advanced real-time position control was the result of close collaboration between Motsai and a highly-specialized customer in industrial applications.

Technologies Used

The Challenge

A fully automated machine that was required to accurately and repeatedly position multiple motors, integrate of various status sensors and add protection of consumables with cryptographic means.

  • Must be of low-cost to manufacture and cannot rely on industrial multi-axis controllers
  • Must include very nice graphical user interface and touch screen control
  • Must be able to synchronize multiple axis and perform coordinated motion
  • Must include external sensors and interface with safety systems
  • Must support cryptography and protection of consumables using non-contact methods

The Approach

The use of the Linux operating system was a good fit for this project. Linux offers a comprehensive array of motion control software.  Many research robots use Linux as their operating system due to its stability and scalability.  Many commercially available numerically controlled machines also use Linux to power their controllers allowing the systems to scale to include networking and advanced functionality.

By studying the requirements in close partnership with the customer, Motsai was able to select the proper Linux kernel and driver combination to address all the peripherals in the system.  Our knowledge of computer programming, combined with the expertise of our client and their in-depth knowledge of the industrial process involved allowed the creation of a well-integrated and fully customized machine that will meet the requirements for years to come.

The Results

The initial learning curve was somewhat steep for our customer.  By providing support and documentation, Motsai was able to transfer the knowledge of the system and enable this machine to come to reality.  With a properly structured architecture, sound debug methodology and sound use of scripting methods to tie all the pieces together, the resulting system is able to scale and offer the best possible integration and flexibility.

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"The team at Motsai has a deep understanding of electronic product design and I recommend their expertise to clients needing to extend their Research and Development team."

Dr. Abhay Ghatpande Director of Industrial Solutions, Savoir Faire Linux

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