Case studies

Wearable Device

Designing modern wearable products is a complex task involving a complex array of steps and important system-level decisions that will carry on for the duration of the device lifetime. A structured approach that encompasses all the elements from enclosure design to the last miniature component on the circuit board is imperative to maintain control on the cost, delay and production efficiency. Motsai’s expertise help our clients build great products and get them to market.

Industrial Control System

The creation of a highly customized award-winning industrial machine with an advanced real-time position control was the result of close collaboration between Motsai and a highly-specialized customer in industrial applications.

Mobile Data Router

Linux and the GNU user-space are the Swiss knife of complex networked elements that will power the next wave in IoT devices. At Motsai, we leverage the flexibility and versatility of the platform to help you build a solid and scalable architecture with this operating system.