Handling Gyroscopes’ Bias Drift

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 8:43 pm8:43 pm

Gyroscopes, which capture the angular velocity vector \( \overrightarrow{\omega}\), are mostly the primary source of information in tracking the orientation of a moving object in 3D space. The angular velocity vector \( \overrightarrow{\omega}\) from gyro readings can help us find the angular displacement vector \( \overrightarrow{d\alpha}\) as follows: \( \overrightarrow{\omega} = \dfrac{\overrightarrow{d\alpha}}{dt} \), where \(dt\) … Continue reading Handling Gyroscopes’ Bias Drift

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The physical sensing devices by nature deliver errors in their readings. The inertial measurement units used for orientation estimation of a moving object are of course no exception! The error can be caused by many factors including the intrinsic imprecision of the sensor, or an external factor like temperature variation or vibration. The orientation filters … Continue reading Handling Temporary Disturbance in Inertial Sensor Readings

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