Device Firmware Updates (DFU) on the Nordic nRF52

We all consider ourself optimists when we write firmware. In fact, we usually expect things to turn out well. However, even as an optimist, we know that everyone makes mistakes and even with the most perfect code, the requirements or environment may c ...

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Understanding Bluetooth® Radio Range

Radio range calculations is a complex topic as there are many factors that will influence the attenuation of the signal in practical applications. This post aims at providing a high-level understanding of some of the latest Bluetooth updates that can help getting longer reach for your wireless sensors.

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Long Range IoT Sensors with Bluetooth® Low Energy

This article explains at a high-level the elements that contribute to creating long-range connected sensors such as the ones we work on at Motsai and what the latest updates in the Bluetooth specifications can bring to help its adoption in industrial and agricultural solutions.