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The Unification of Protocols in Home Automation

Motsai participated at the CES 2023 (Las Vegas) with our radio module partner Fanstel Corporation who had their booth in the Venetian Expo. The residential home automation section has grown significantly and is now under the Matter banner. Matter is a pr ...

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Recession: to innovate or to not innovate?

For several weeks now, economists have been warning us of an impending recession. Most of us have already experienced this situation and are a little dreading this period of uncertainty, especially as business managers. Although we know the mechanisms ...

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Modified Production Logistics

As for many people, working from home has required some purchases, some modifications, even some renovations. Walking through the shelves of national hardware or furniture chains, I am shocked by the number of empty shelves and “currently unavailable” no ...

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The disappearance of distance

Several experts believe that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the evolution and acceptability of remote works and meetings by 5 years or even 10 years. They also point out that it is the duration of the pandemic that makes this evolution immutable. ...

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The pandemic at Motsai

Regardless of the country, businesses around the world have been surprised by the COVID-19 pandemic and have faced several challenges. Motsai is no exception. Although we consider ourselves lucky not to evolve in areas that are seriously affected - su ...